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Magnet Conference

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7 February 2024 - 9 February 2024 (All Day)(GMT+02:00)

Event Details

The VIII Italian Conference on Magnetism is promoted by the Italian Magnetism Association (Aimagn). The conference is aimed at presenting and discussing recent experimental and theoretical achievements in fundamental magnetism and its applications, bringing together researchers from Academy, Research Institutions and Companies active in the field of magnetism.

We will participate with a Scientific topic entitled “Swift magnet: fast and high precision computation of magnetic field produced by permanent magnet of various topology with analytical models” powered by Elena Manari, Physicist from R&D Department. 


“Swift magnet is a tool designed and developed by Spin to efficiently, precisely and quickly calculate the magnetic field produced by permanent magnets of various geometries. In Swift magnet, the magnetic field is calculated exactly at every point in three-dimensional space with algorithms based on the analytical expression of the field produced by magnets of various geometries. The field calculation has so far been implemented for cylindrical magnets with axial and diametrical magnetization, ring magnets with axial and radial magnetization, parallelepipeds with magnetization perpendicular to the various faces, arc shaped magnets with various magnetization directions, and thanks to the superposition principle of the effects it is also possible to analytically calculate the Halbach configuration field. Permanent magnets are used in various applications: they are widely used in electric motors, actuators, loudspeakers, position sensors, magnetic separators, magnetic bearing devices, alternators.

Thus, the challenge is determining which model is the most accurate for calculating the various components of the magnetic field for various geometries.”

Key words: algorithm, magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet various geometries, analytical models, Swift magnet

Conference Programm

It’s possibile to fix a demo with our R&D and expert to explore the potential about Swift. Please fill out the form to tell us a date.

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